We are a group of professionals that have been working in the music and media industry for more than 15 years, and today we apply the technology, and all the possibilities the new digital world is giving us to offer you the best ways to be an artist without the disadvantage points record labels used to apply in the "old times".

The talent and the professionalism are the only two things that will be still alive after the entire bad storm that the music industry suffers during the past years.

The consumers are there, expecting talent, music, and buying mp3, iPods, mobile devices, with more and more capabilities to have more, and more music. More and More content.
We are the key for you to open the door to your music with no limits.

Our service is based on the new model. It is about serving the artist, not exploiting them.

With On Time Digital Management, the artist can have their music available at places that music buyers can go to buy and discover music without having to give up any rights or revenue from the sale of their music in a non-exclusive arrangement.

You no longer need to give up your rights or the money generated by the sale of your music to get global distribution and marketing.

Enjoy On Time Digital Management and be part of the new world.

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